Who am I?
I’m a regular dude. That’s right, nothing particularly interresting about me. But, like everyone else, funny or thought-provocing stuff occationally happen to me or people I know, and this blog is my way of sharing the experience. Hopefully in an interresting or funny way.

Is everything you tell true?
Yes. Sort of. A lot of what I’m showing off here have been filtered by years of memories, drunken stupors, knocks to the head and daydreams. I’m telling the truth to the best of my ability, though some things may have been exagerated slightly. Not by much, though.
Names may have been changed around to protect the privacy of people I know, but their actions are as true as I can remember them.

How do you use make the drawings?
I start out on some bristol board paper that I’ve cut to suitable sizes. I then uce a pencil to lightly sketch in what I want to show and ink over it when I’m pleased with the result. I usually ink with some Staedtler markers I have, but occationally delve into brush and nib-pen with the resultant ink-spots and spills that involve.
I then scan in at 300 DPI and import into PhotoShop CS5. I tweak the drawing a little to fit into the frame around the image, and then start coloring digitally. This I do using my Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless drawing tablet. Finally I shrink the image to 72 DPI and 400 pixels width and save as a JPEG.
Repeat as many times as there are images…

Why aren’t you updating more often?
Because I have a life. You should try it sometimes. It’s kind of fun, in a depressing and frustrating way.

You’re such a hack! This is a blatant rip-off of “Hyperbole and a half”!
Yup, it sure is! But you know what they say… The greatest form of flattery is immitation.
Besides, there’s other blogs that’s done the whole comic/text combination too. I’m not the first, I’m not the last to do it, and I’m neither the worst nor best out there. Deal with it or get lost. :)

I want to contact you. How?
Whether you want to tell me how much you love my stuff or you want to send me hatemail for crushing your fragile view of how the world is, you can reach me by sending a mail to Gobosworld@gmail.com
Or you could do something as unorthodox and scary as making a comment on one of my topics. I love reading your feedback, and as long as you explaing why you don’t like something I don’t mind getting some critizism.


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