Discovering George Carlin

We all experience it sometime during our life. It’s usually our own fault too, and at the time you might hate it, but with time it tend to get more funny. What the heck am I talking aout? Embarrassment…

Several years ago I was visiting a friend. This was about the time when DiscMan’s were at their height. You remember these things, right?

My friend and I had discussed music for a few hours when he suddenly changed topics to standup comedy. Truth be told I’dnever seen any truly funny commedians to that point, and he completely lost it and immediately burned out a disc with George Carlin.

As I was taking the bus home I decided to give it a try. I popped the disc into my player and hit Play.

That was the start of my love for good comedy. I’ve later discovered Bill Hicks, Dennis Leary, Robin Williams and many, many more, but George Carlin and his “Free Floating Hostility” piece still ranks highest on the list.

Despite me looking like an utter lunatic on the bus…


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